PRICE Starting from 545 JPY
Alcohol Content 14%
Ingredients BENISASHI plum, rock sugar, brewing alcohol
Enjoyment On the rock, with water, hot water, soda, cocktails, and various other styles.


Since 1990, MANZAIRAKU has been brewing this UMESYU, which combines a dense plum aroma, richness, and a clear palate.

Using only the Benisashi plum, rich in amino acids and minerals, grown in the Hokuriku region, we employ traditional, rustic methods from cultivation to bottling.

We age the plum wine for approximately two years until the balance of flavors is perfected, utilizing the favorable environment of the Hokuriku region for every step from cultivation to bottling, resulting in a high-quality plum wine with a harmonious balance of fragrance and taste.


Kura Master Sake Competition 2023 – Ariane Gastronomy Award

We are pleased to announce that KAGA UMESYU won the Ariance Gastronomy Award at the Kura Master Japanese Sake Competition 2023 held in France.

It is also the only UMESYU to have been selected as the No. 1 sake in Japan in the NIKKEI Plus 1 Anything Ranking by Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the only UMESYU drunk at the Nobel Prize-related party “Nobel Nightcap.

In addition, it has also been served in first class on All Nippon Airways (ANA) North American and European flights.


KAGA UMESYU 5 Years Aged

We have aged KAGA UMESYU for five years in our brewery, resulting in a plum wine with a dense plum flavor and a clear palate.

The deep and complex aroma, which balances sweetness, astringency, bitterness, and acidity, is a gift from the passage of time.

The aging process enhances the richness, resulting in a luxurious and indulgent flavor profile.


KAGA UMESYU 12 Years Aged

The pinnacle of KAGA UMESYU, created after 12 years of long-term aging. It is carefully and carefully aged for a period of 12 years, which is the same time period as the Chinese zodiac, for good luck.

The color becomes amber with the passage of time, and the deep richness and elegant aroma of red-eyes plum produced by the long-term aging are the very best of plum wine itself.


National UMESYU Competition 2022 White Liquor Plum Wine Division Silver Prize Winner

Out of a total of 167 entries in the “National Plum Wine Competition 2022,”

we were honored to receive the Silver Prize in the White Liquor division.

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Each meticulously crafted, our prideful sake of MANZAIRAKU.

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To continue being truly auspicious sake in both name and reality,
"MANZAIRAKU" is committed to consistently producing high-quality sake and fostering good relationships with our customers.

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