PRICE Starting from 3,300 JPY
Alcohol Content 17%
Polishing Ratio 40%
Rice Used Yamada Nishiki / Produced in Hyogo Prefecture
This daiginjo is meticulously crafted with the finest Yamada Nishiki rice, pure underground water from Mt. Hakusan, handmade koji carefully nurtured, and a secret yeast.
It’s a masterpiece that brewers are inclined to keep hidden. HIDDEN SAKE translates to “KAKUSHIZAKE” which stems for its name.
Please enjoy the fruity ginjo aroma and gentle mouthfeel followed by a gorgeous daiginjo.
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Each meticulously crafted, our prideful sake of MANZAIRAKU.

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To continue being truly auspicious sake in both name and reality,
"MANZAIRAKU" is committed to consistently producing high-quality sake and fostering good relationships with our customers.

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