PRICE Starting from 471 JPY
Alcohol Content 7%
Ingredients BENISASHI plum, rock sugar, brewing alcohol
Enjoyment On the rock, with water, hot water, soda, cocktails, and various other styles.


A sparkling UMESYU based on KAGA UMESYU.

We’ve enhanced the pure and clean taste of KAGA UMESYU with refreshing carbonation

The base KAGA UMESYU uses only the Benisashi plum from the Hokuriku region, soaked carefully with the underground water of Mt. Hakusan, and crafted using traditional rustic methods.

From cultivation to bottling, everything is done in the favorable environment of Hokuriku, resulting in high-quality sparkling KAGA UMESYU.

It was adopted as an onboard beverage for the Hokuriku Shinkansen Gran Class service, which began operating on March 14, 2015.”

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Each meticulously crafted, our prideful sake of MANZAIRAKU.

Introducing MANZAIRAKU's proud products.
To continue being truly auspicious sake in both name and reality,
"MANZAIRAKU" is committed to consistently producing high-quality sake and fostering good relationships with our customers.

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