Our Concept


『MANZAIRAKU』 in Tsurugi, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture,
has upheld its concept of being a "sake for joyful occasions" for 300 years in this region.

In Gagaku, there is a musical composition called "Manzairaku," which has been performed with dance and music at celebratory events since ancient times.
Additionally, in the Noh play "Takasago" by Zeami Motokiyo, there is a phrase that says,
"Senshuraku caresses the people, Manzairaku prolongs life."

In order for 『MANZAIRAKU』 to continue to be recognized as a sake truly fitting for celebrations,
we are committed to maintaining a strong relationship with our customers and consistently providing high-quality sake.


In the rich natural environment of Mt. Hakusan, the melting snow gives birth to pure water.

Even when you listen closely, all you can hear is the chirping of birds.
In the tranquil forest at the foot of Mt. Hakusan, MANZAIRAKU is brewed.
The snowfall on the summit of Mt. Hakusan is said to be purified over more than 100 years before reaching us.
We draw this water from a dedicated well located around 200 meters above sea level.
Crafted with this pristine water, MANZAIRAKU is a beautifully refined sake.


Rice and Koji (malted rice) with a Commitment to Ingredients

Japanese sake is made almost entirely from rice, water, and koji.
Because it is so simple, the quality of the ingredients directly affects the quality of the sake.
MANZAIRAKU, which is particular about using the clean water of Mt. Hakusan, uses several types of sake rice.
Please enjoy comparing the deliciousness of the water common to all MANZAIRAKU sakes, and the varying deliciousness of the rice in each one.


People, Town and History

MANZAIRAKU - Tsurugi Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, MANZAIRAKU SAKE KURA Co.,Ltd. is located,
Tsurugi, Ishikawa Prefecture, has long flourished as the gate town of Hakusan Hime Shrine and was especially active in sake brewing.
Kikuzake, commonly known as "chrysanthemum sake," produced here, was known in the Muromachi period (1336-1573),
It is said that Hideyori, who once boasted of his power, served it at a cherry blossom viewing party in Daigo (various theories exist).
Tsurugi, blessed with clean water and nature, is the home of excellent sake.


Each meticulously crafted, our prideful sake of MANZAIRAKU.

Introducing MANZAIRAKU's proud products.
To continue being truly auspicious sake in both name and reality,
"MANZAIRAKU" is committed to consistently producing high-quality sake and fostering good relationships with our customers.

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